How to Choose the Perfect Bedsheets


  Think about the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in, and what comes to mind? If it's the sheets, you're in good company. Because they come in direct contact with our skin, sheets are as important as a quality mattress and cozy blanket in sending us off to dreamland.

The sheer variety of sheets on the market, however, can throw you for a loop when you're shopping. Here are our top pointers to help you decode the labels and choose the sheets that will suit you best.

Back in the day, most sheets on the market came in cotton and ... cotton. And it's still the most popular sheeting fabric, due to its durability, comfort and breathability. Cotton both traps heat and lets cool air pass through in summer, so it's a great choice for almost any climate.
It can be blended with rayon and other materials that affect its weight and feel. As with any sheets you buy, do a hand test to gauge how you like these blends.

If you've ever tried to wrestle a too-small fitted sheet onto a mattress, you know how important it is to buy sheets that are the correct size. If you have a standard-size bed, such as a twin, queen or king, look for features such as elastic edging all the way around, which helps to ensure a smooth, snug fit.

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